Our story

ROROHOME is an Online Grocery shopping Internet Company, dedicated to providing Asian snacks & Fresh food, Baby & health products to Asian Canadians. With rapid growth, ROROHOME is now a more and more popular one-stop shopping destination among the Chinese community in the Vancouver area.

Carrying hundreds of products, ROROHOME aims to offer the most complete selection of products favorited by the Asian community. We rapidly develop partnerships with marketplace vendors to bring forth a wider collection of products in fresh meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, frozen seafood, snacks, soft drinks, instant foods, seasonings, dried foods, skincare products, health supplements, nutriments, baby products. We are continuously building partnerships stronger to strengthen not only our own but also our partners' brand name in Canada.

ROROHOME captured a large number of loyal users right after it went online and has built a loyal fan base in the Metro Vancouver area. Many Asian customers choose us as their No.1 online shopping destination. Furthermore, our registered users are increasing at a tremendous pace and we diligently provide them with exceptional services. At the same time, we continue to invest and enhance our platform with numerous value-added services to stay ahead of the competition.

ROROHOME conveniently serves the Asian community with an exceptional online shopping experience and strives to continuously expand all over North America.

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