Gift Card

Usage Rules

1. If the account email and phone are not verified, the user cannot use the gift card.
2. When users purchase goods, they can directly use the gift card to purchase by entering the gift card code and clicking confirm to take effect.
3. After the gift card is used, the points can be only used in the current account and cannot be transferred.
4. The gift card can be used to purchase all platform goods. After the gift card is used, the remaining points will be stored into the user's account for the next time use.
5. When users purchase goods, the remaining points in the user's account will be given priority to use.

Get Rules

1. Gift cards can be purchased from page.
2. After the user purchases the product with the gift card, the remaining points will be stored into the user account.
3. When a refund operation occurs, the user can choose to return points to user account after order canceled or refunded.
4. Gift card points ratio: 1 points = $1.00; for example, a $1,000 gift card will contain points = 1,000


1. The final interpretation right belongs to ROROHOME.
2. ROROHOME has the right to freeze some accounts, such as abnormal account, risk account.

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